The Perfect Date

“You look nice! Where are you going all pimped up and looking sexy?”
Ramona glanced back at her room mate and turned back to the mirror to continue applying her mascara. She didn’t want to be late to her date with Josh tonight. She was famished and a good night out with Josh is what she needed.
“Headed out with Josh.”
“Josh?” Nancy fell on her bed and started munching the chips she had in her hand. “My, my, you’re on a roll! You have been on dates all through this week! Throw some tasty ones to me, will ya?”
“Ha! You and I know you can get any man you want. Look at that fat ass of yours.” Ramona was now combing her lush ginger hair. She shook her head a few times to create a ‘messy’ look which made her look like she just rolled out of bed but still sexy.
“Ass with no boobs. You have the full package! Fat ass, nice tits and a beautiful face. Do we now have to forget the pout you have?”
“Please, my lips look like they can suck a bottle top from half a mile away!”
“Isn’t that why all the men want you? So you can do that down there?” Nancy giggled and walked over to the mirror Ramona was standing in front of.
“I hate my lips.”
“I know you do. But you have to love them. They bring you food when you are hungry.”
“Yeah, yeah whatever. Been looking for the perfect date since but I think now I’ve got it.”
“Josh? Poor boy. He will never know what hit him.”
“So Ramona, that’s an interesting name.” Josh quipped as he dug into his pasta. He had a cute face with a beautiful head of hair. She imagined herself running her hands through it while he bit her lower lip. She was definitely hungry and she had to speed this date up.
“Yes. My mother is part German. Its means ‘protecting hands’.”
“Really? Part German? Where is your dad from?”
“From here. Daddy was born and raised in Texas. Met my mom on a tour of the city one day as he went out to buy milk for my grandmother. The rest they say was history.”
And the conversation went on like that. The usual banter of a first date, jokes, facts and laughs exchanged between themselves. Ramona was enjoying herself but she needed to hurry up the date. Josh had this aura of cockiness which appealed to her. Unlike other girls, Ramona would talk about sex anytime she liked and a first date was no exception. Afterall, if it didn’t work out romantically, they could always be fuck buddies.
“Ramona, you’re a special girl, A very lucky one too.” Josh said as he sipped his wine.
“Why do you say so? Cos I swear a lot and talk about sex a lot.”
“No. Cos you’re going home with me tonight.”
“What makes you think that I would go home with you on a first date?”
“Well with the way we have been talking this night, I thought I had a lucky chance.”
She thought about it as she finished off her cup of coffee. Should she go home with Josh or not? He was defiantly sexy and she heard from her friends he was good in bed. Her hunger rose from her throat again and she felt a familiar dull fire in her. Looking at Josh, she decided that she had to go home with him. She wanted to get this over with once and for all.
“Well, it seems you do. Let’s be on our way shall we?”
Josh smiled and called over the waiter to bring their check. As he paid and excused himself to the bathroom, Ramona answered a call from Nancy.
“What Nancy? I’m still on my date.”
“Just checking up on you. Sealed the deal yet?”
“Almost. We’re headed to his place soon.”
“Goodie. Have fun.”
Josh kissed her softly at first, guaging whether or not he should go on. Ramona kissed back and gave him the signal to go on, kissing and biting her lower lip. Bit by bit clothes were peeled off and fell to the floor as Josh rained kisses on her lips, neck, shoulders and nape. He went lower and took her right nipple into his mouth, applying the right amount of pleasure and pain to make her want him more. And more of him she got as he entered her with a look of pure joy on his face. It started slow and steady till the tempo increased and she was screaming out his name. Faster and faster he went until he was right over the top and came in a dazzle of stars and pleasure.
Ramona watched as Josh rolled over to the side of the bed. He was covered in a thin film of sweat and it made him shine under the moonlight streaming through the window. He looked downright sexy and again she felt the dull fire in her. She pushed him back so that he was facing the ceiling and straddled him, teasing him.
“You want to go again? So fast? I thought you got off.”
“I am hungry.”
“Hungry? Well I got some bread and nutella in the fridge, we could make …”
“I am hungry.”
Josh noticed that her eyes where pure red now and her skin had started glowing. Her skin was the color of fresh honey now with her hair changing from blonde to a mess of jet black curls. He attempted to push her off but his hands were rigid, stuck to the bed. She threw her head back and laughed in a menacing tone.
“What do you want with me?”
“Didn’t you hear me?” She said as she lowered herself onto him. “I am hungry”
With that final word, she started riding, swallowing him up, filling her up to the hilt. He screamed and wailed in pain as she used her powers to suck his life force out of him and into her. She laughed like a mad woman and went faster and faster until she was too fast for the human eye to see. Josh noticed that his eyesight was failing, his ears couldn’t hear well anymore and his face was heavy with winkles. By time she came with a window shattering scream of pleasure, Josh was already dead and gone. When she stopped, she came off him and licked the remaining semen off his flaccid phallus. She sighed with relief as she patted her full belly and moved to dress up.
“Ramona is that you?”
“Yes it is.” Ramona had woken Nancy up by switching on the lights of the room. She moved to the mirror and looked at her face. The winkles she had fussed over hours ago were gone and the white hair was nowhere to be found.
“Did you eat well tonight?”
“Of course I did. I ate too much I think”
“Did you kill the poor guy? I wanted some years for myself you know.”
“Be quiet Nancy. You and I both know that I needed this. I haven’t touched a guy for the past two months. I was already showing.”
“Alright. How are we going to explain this? You were the last person seen with Josh.”
“Do we need to explain to anyone? Do I need to explain my actions to you? When did I become accountable to you? Nancy, you are toeing a very dangerous line and I beg you not to incur my wrath.”
Ramona had transformed in her true self again with the red eyes and honey-colored skin. She never called Lydia by her real name unless she was upset. Nancy had knelt down and started mumbling.
“I’m sorry. I realize I have crossed the line. I am your humble servant and I will never question your decisions again.”
She looked down at Nancy and laughed.
“Get away. I have better things to do now.”
“Anything I can help with?”
“No. I can do this all by myself. Finding Qandisa is my problem. But first, I have to find that pesky little demon girl.”
“Is that what she calls herself now? Cute. I have a bone to pick with her and it’s going to end up with her dead.”


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