A Little History Lesson

As told by Zachaleus in the style of the celestial bard E.

Man has had his misconceptions about angels. Giant fair-haired, blue eyed drones who work devoutly for the Master, devoid of any physical impulses and shackled by emotional inhibitions. If there’s anything that is constant about misconceptions, it’s the fact that they are riddled with fallacies. Of course angels are ephemeral and beautiful beyond human imagination and are completely devoted to the service of the master. But au contraire to general assumptions, angels are very much like humans. They are physically limited, have extensive filial associations and are capable of a wide range of emotions. Most importantly, angels are capable of free will.

Free will was the genesis of the first of the celestial wars. Before the creation of humanity, angels were sired and conscripted to the service of the Master. They were sired and divided into four castes; Arch angels, mighty warriors and excellent military strategists; Messenger angels, whose sole preoccupation was to serve as conduit between the master and humanity, his most rebellious creation. There were Bard angels, skilled in music, art and literature and given the injunction to inspire worship through religion and nature; and the Muse angels , to inspire innovation in the arts and sciences. And of course, there were the Seraph and there was him.

For four millennia, there was harmony in the angelic realm until the glorious Seraph of Seraphs, the one whose skin was like translucent crystal and whose eyes were orbs of flame, the one who inspired adulation in all who were blessed to look upon his many faces, the well loved Bard angel began to stir trouble. Luciferus was so skilled in music and poetry that the sun seemed to shine brighter when he played and his poetry seemed to stir angels to even greater adoration of the master. The title ‘Morning Star’ was the only phrase that captured his glory which shone brighter than glow of dying stars and eclipsed all around him. He was the song leader for the heavenly choir rousing the legions to swelling sound, an honor even greater that of MiKhael, The commander of the heavenly armies. He began to entertain delusions of grandeur and quickly drew angels from all castes with his impassioned speeches about how he wanted to create an elite caste even more devoted to ‘goodness’. He argued that the universe was too much for the master to control alone and they needed to help him. Without his consent of course, Luciferus argued. The Lord couldn’t be perceived as incapable of handling his duties.

The idea had skirted many an angel’s mind and hearing someone as honorable as Luciferus voice their doubts made them embrace their fears as truly genuine. The younger and more audacious angels worshipped Luciferus for his courage. He was truly the universe’s first superstar. They hung on his every word and created converts for him. By the time man was created, a third of the angels had secretly pledged allegiance to Luciferus’ cause. But Luciferus had devolved into a sociopath who thrived on his ability to manipulate people and he secretly loathed the fact that the master was still in absolute control of the universe. He began to formulate a plan to usurp the Omniscient and take his place at the helm of affairs.

As cunning as the Morning Star was, he failed to acknowledge that the Master was omniscient, and had closely monitored The Morning Star’s millennia long ascent to infamy. He would have let Luciferus continue his agitations but he saw the earnest devotion of MiKhael and Ga’briuhl his military commander and chief messenger and their fear that if left unaddressed, Luciferus’ poison would fester and infect every angel. The horror that was Ghre’nika hadn’t been forgotten. War was waged and Luciferus and his most devout followers were expelled from the heavenly realm and sent to Earth.

Following his expulsion, ‘Morning star’ was proclaimed an abomination and his lustre was tarnished. He no longer shone with the light of heaven, instead a dirty ochre flame burnt in the brittle casing of his soul. He was rechristened Dae Satan ‘The deceiver’ and his followers rechristened demonios ‘messengers of the deceiver’. He took to his new role with relish and revelled in decadence, possessing animals at will and polluting the once pristine earth. Dae Satan as he was now called took a particular liking to the serpent and took its form often. It was in this form he deceived Eve, who deceived Adam her husband and initiated the fall. In man, Satan found an excellent tool, Humans were gullible, impressionable, incredibly stubborn and most importantly, had free will. But that isn’t the focus of our tale, little children. Our tale’s focuses on events that happened a little earlier. They’re of Adam’s first wife, Lilith.

Contrary to your petty myths scribbled down by hermits delirious with unspent sexual desire, Adam wasn’t created alone. Think of it, Every creature was created in pairs but Adam was mysteriously created as one of a kind? Pah! Adam came with his complementaire, the raven haired Lilith. Created as equals, Lilith was swift as Adam was strong, morning songbird and running gazelle swooned under her gaze and stopped in their tracks when she sang. She was an explorer, with a mind as vivid and inquisitive as the world was wide, and predictably Adam fell to envy. He loathed her litheness of spirit and raged that she did not fawn over him and grovel at his feet. So he plotted against her. He claimed Lordship over all creatures and rejected her as his mate. She was too content in her kinship with nature to care. So he cried out and sook the master’s ear and the master came down, he accused her of insubordination of his lordship. And the master inquired of Lilith her position on the matter. And the first ‘woman’ made a mortal mistake, the first of many. She proclaimed she was equal with all and subordinate to none. The utter blasphemy shook the very foundations of the earth. It was the first time human words carried the power of life and death. For you see, Lilith had spoken with absolute conviction, even Adam cowered in fear, horrified by what his pettiness had caused. But the Lord was lenient and asked her to reconsider. And she, enlightened and empowered by her words which had already begun to take physical substance as the Tree of Good and Evil, asked that if the Master would not acknowledge her equality with all then she would find someone who would.

As it was, someone had already dabbled with that argument, and had fallen to the Lord’s wrath. His gossiping ears listened in delighted as Lilith damned herself with her assertions. He sent word to the Master; He wanted her, she was of his cause. And it was settled, the earth opened up and swallowed her, it had divorced her from itself. It stripped her of its gifts of flesh and bone and her blood was sucked away till all was left was her unwavering conviction, so strong it gave her demonios sinew and limb encased in flesh torn directly off Dae Satanus himself.

“And Lilith descended into the bowels of the Earth and lay with the things that dwelt underneath and had no names, and she bore them half human blights; skin walkers and shapeshifters, undead things and spectres who fed off the unsuspecting and sook out the willing to sustain their unnatural lives…”

Page 24665812 Patrios Demonios, The lost gospels of the apostate.


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