No light, No light!!!

This story was inspired by Florence + the Machine’s No light, no light. Ceremonials has been inspiring me a lot of recent. Lol!



The bottle passed around as they laughed at the jokes Deola stuttered through in the tiled living room of Edwin’s house. The sun was just setting but the moon was already high in the sky glowing in all its fullness like a woman with child. Ranti picked up the brown envelope packet with the correspondence from Bloomsbury and kissed it with watery lips. Dare doubled over and laughed some more. He was a happy drunk, and Deola had to hide his phone a few minutes before, for fear that he’d let the cat slip.
“Blooms-fucking-bury baby!!!” He howled into the darkness, making the single candle set in their midst flicker. “Who woulda thought that little old us and our tiny blog would catch their eye?”
Edwin took another swig of the vodka to wash down the bottle of Diazepam hidden under his tongue. He held out the bottle.
“Cheers!!!” Said the room and they clinked their odd assortment of cups to his bottle.
Deola slipped off her blouse and used it to fan herself. Inhibitions gone, every drunken eye turned to her cleavage and stared at the mounds of supple yellow flesh that peeked out from the laced trimmed bra cups. She noticed and rolled her eyes.
“Can’t a girl get some air without you men turning to slathering dogs?”
Ranti replied with a slurred DPMO.
The room laughed again and silence fell as everyone finished the tangy citrus vodka that swirled at the bottom of their cups. The thought came unbidden as though something had whispered it to him, playing at the edge of his consciousness and then flaring with illumination. Edwin’s eyes rose slowly from his cup and scanned the shadows perched in the darkness around him, their eyes were shining with anticipation. He knew all he had to do was say the word.
“Let’s do something fun. Let’s have a sèance.”
Dare’s eyes lit up and he threw the remnants of his coffee mug down his throat, coughing violently as it burnt it’s way down. He slid the cup away nonchallantly and cringed as it slid across the floor with a screech and banged against the wall.
“Oops!” He said. “So how are we doing this?”
“Hey wait a minute.” Ranti cut in and stood up, using Deola’s shoulder to steady himself on his ungainly legs. “Seances don’t work simply because you can’t summon something that theoretic…”
“Oh shut it and just have fun.” Deola interrupted and dragged him down, he collapsed into her and they both rolled and giggled as Ranti got some boob action.
Edwin got up and held out a hand for Dare. “Come help me fish out my ouija board. Let’s give the couple some alone time.”
Another DPMO rang out behind Edwin and Dare and they turned back to see Ranti’s hand snake around Deola and swipe the Vodka bottle.


“Here, stick out your tongue.” Edwin said and placed a tiny blue pill on Dare’s green tongue from box of green M and M’s he’d finished earlier. Dare adjusted the hand carved box on his hands and swallowed.
“What is it?”
Edwin shrugged. “Some roofies. Should make this interesting. Ranti and Deola’ve already had two each before you came. That’s why they’re so carefree.”
Edwin rummaged through the pile of clothes in his cupboard and fished out the tiny triangle of blue chalk identical to the one in the box. He fished out a couple of necklaces laced with crucifixes, stars of David and Ankhs. He luau’ed Dare with one and put one on himself and two as well for the others.
“We’re about ready.”


Edwin drew the pentagram expertly, barely glancing at it as he whispered under his breath something unintelligible.
Deola thumbed the pendants on her necklace nervously. She’d been to an Aluwala once as a child and it had terrified her. She knew these things could be as real as day and that Al’jannu were vicious creatures. But she kept still, she was Desire after all, or she wanted to be. She looked at Dare, he seemed more calm than before, he was watching Edwin set up the ouija board atop the crude pentagram with. He set the triangular pointer atop the board’s starting point and dusted his hands.
“All done.” He announced cheerfully.
“Aren’t we forgetting something?” Dare said after, his voice anticipatory.
“Ah yes,” Ranti called from his perch, he’d left the floor for one of the couches and was nursing the dregs of the vodka bottle. His necklace was wrapped around his wrist and he had the instructions of the Ouija board glued to his face.
“The triangular pointer glows in the dark. So all external lights must be switched off.”
Deola smiled. This kind of opportunity to pull off a cool move only happened in movies. She leaned towards the half burnt candle and blew.

“Let in the dark!”


The seance progressed quickly enough, as soon as their forefingers found the pointer it began to pulse with the blue green light plastic glow in the dark rosaries emitted. Ranti watched from his perch, making snide comments and sipping from Deola’s wineglass. He was in a trippy mood, didn’t want to join the fun. First they’d just fooled around with names, calling name after name, till Dare said Rue and the pointer dimmed and raced to the yes script at the bottom left of the board.
Which Rue, they asked.

Adati Rue, the board replied, their fingers flying around its gothic alphabet.

Are you dead?

More or less.

You have something to say?

No, I have something to show you.


You have to invite me.

“No, no, no!!!” Deola muttered. She was getting scared. Something wasn’t right. She’d barely put her finger on it the last ten minutes and it kept moving. She slapped Dare and Edwin’s fingers off the pointer.
“This game is scary, can we stop now?”

The pointer moved ever so slowly with tiny skid sounds towards the ‘No’ at the bottom right corner. Deola’s eyes widened and she scrambled away from the board. And that was when she noticed it. The dull pulsing on the floor. While their eyes were glued to the light of the pointer, the pentagram had lit up and widened to encapsulate all three of them. She looked out of the circle at Ranti and noticed he wasn’t on the couch. She turned back sharply and saw him beside the board, fore finger on the pointer. He was slowly spelling,




He suddenly spasmed, and his hands flew to his throat as though something was choking him, he grew stiff and suddenly flew through the room, crashing into the far wall and crumbling like a rag doll. Deola started to scream as she noticed blood seep out of his mouth. Then something cut the scream on her tongue.
Adati Rue suddenly became visible, she was filmy like grainy photograph with blurred edges. Her brown skin was cracked and slimy as though she’d been swimming too long and her hair was pulled back into a stringy, dirt strewn ponytail. Her eyes were were normal, but her pupils seemed to fall into themselves, little black holes in which no light could be found.
She walked to Edwin where he and Dare sat slack jawed and touched his chin gently. He sprung to life and smiled in wonder when he saw her.
“Three hundred years of myths and legends and you appear to me.”
The sides of the spectre’s chin grew wide in what remotely looked like a smile.
“I am a being of chaos. No one rejoices at my arrival.”
And Edwin stretched violently and began to spasm on the floor, his body twisting and contorting into inhuman shapes as she watched and chuckled in mirth.
“Hold her.” She whispered and Dare jerked awake like an ungainly golem and crossed the room in a hobbled run. He’d been on his feet so long his right leg had seized up and lost feeling. He flew upon Deola and slammed her into the ground. He sat on her abdomen and pinned her hands under his legs. His left leg had turned purple and veiny and had begun to swell but Dare didn’t notice. He held Deola’s head between his hands and squeezed.
“If you no sit still, Sugamotta smash your skull and spill your brains of tiley floor.”
Deola tried to scream but her voice stalled, shock was already beginning to incapacitate her. No, it wasn’t shock, it was something else, like the cold steam from a just opened freezer. It crawled it was up from the roots of her scalp, under Dare/or was it Sugamotta’s legs and down to her extermities. She did all she could, she withdrew into herself, watching from within herself.
She could feel him/her/it, stretch her limbs and felt it force her insides to grow wet. She felt something mount her and Sugamotta crawl off to give it space. No, not it, Edwin. But there was something wrong with his eyes. They were bottomless pits, swallowing the moonlight as it shone through the open window. She felt Edwin enter her and her body sing in response. It was her, Rue, inside him and she was fucking herself. Deola screamed inside her head, and screamed, and screamed, revulsion crawling all over her mind as this thing they had summoned used their bodies to satisfy its primal urges. It was not a she, no, it was more and less. She felt her synapses fire in protest as her skin began to grow, like little tendrils, curling around his buttocks, pulling him deeper into her. No, not just pulling, subsuming him into her. She felt Edwin, screaming, trapped in his own flesh, she felt his regret, his former earnestness, he’d only wanted to prove that the things they wrote about were real, it was all….

“The Fuck!”
Deola opened her eyes, Ranti was standing over her, his bony knees angled into each other.
“Deola, I understand you’re having a bad dream but can you please fucking stop screaming. It’s 4am and I’ve already puked twice. DFPMOTFM.”
She scrambled to her knees and looked around, Dare and Edwin were still asleep, Edwin stiff as a board, Dare spread like a ballet dancer.

“You should probably eat something.” Ranti called from the guest bathroom beside the front. “Those roofies took us on one hell of a ride.”

Deola gave a nervous laugh and turned towards the ouija board. The pentagram around it was faint and the board was folded in on itself. Her eyes widened as she noticed something, scribbled in a childlike hand on the edge of the board.



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