The Beginning of the End

Titanium, Somnus and Relash watched Desire as she inhaled smoke from a bong and exhaled it in little ringlets from her mouth. Her partner, a Brazilian male model who she picked up in Las Vegas smiled and clapped at her tricks. They laughed and she passed the bong to him and watched him inhale and exhale into her mouth. As they kissed and started making out, Relash stood up and went to the back of the tour bus where his bunk was.
“She still hasnt removed the complusion of Relash?” asked Ti
“He still wants her.” answered Somnus
Ti sighed and faced Somnus.
“I know watching them must be hard on you. You being able to feel lust and control it must be horrible with her around.”
“It wasn’t that hard. I could sense her demon lust but now its way harder with that boy toy around. She does nothing but fuck and smoke weed these days.”
They watched her as she stood up and lead her boy toy to her side of the tour bus and pulled the curtains for privacy.
“You know she will never have sex with Relash.” Ti quipped.
“I know. That’s the fun in it for her. The wanting and the fact she will never give it up”
Somnus was worried about Desire. For the past few weeks, she had been distant. She wasn’t concerned about the band’s ‘image’ anymore and was more focused on herself. Every stop she picked up a boy or girl to satisfy her never ending want. The guys didn’t mind at first but it became more frequent and more disturbing. Ti went over to the bong and took a drag.
“Something is wrong with her. I can’t sense it because shes hiding it too well with the weed and sex.”
“I’m worried about her. I don’t know what to make of it Even though i knew having her around would be different, I always thought I could handle her. Now, it seems like she doesn’t want anyone to care about her. She doesn’t even care about us anymore. I had purple hair at my last press conference.”
“We’ll ask her when she’s done with him. And from the sound of it, it’s not going to be any time soon.”
“Hey guys. What’s up?”
Desire sat on the couch in her tank top and denim cut-offs. She was about to reach for the bong when Somnus snatched it away.
“Dude! Don’t mess with my weed yo!”
“We need to talk.”
“Spill.” Desire said as she lit a cigarette.
“I’m worried about you. We are all worried about you. You smoke weed .. A lot. You pick up strange men and women and have sex with them knowing you placed a compulsion on one of us. Do you know how painful that is?”
“If it’s about Relash, I’ll remove the compulsion. As for my habits, leave them be. I didn’t start smoking yesterday.”
“Wasn’t I the one who got us weed for our first smoking session? And helped you to pick up your first playmate? Look, I’m worried cos you’re overdoing it, skinny dipping in the deep end of the pool. What’s going on Desire? You know you can always talk to me.”
Desire put out her cigarette and was about to speak when suddenly, Foster appeared.
“Sorry to interrupt your bonding moment but I have a mission for you all from the big guy.”
Relash and Ti came out from the bunk area and faced Foster.
“Big guy? Your dad again?” Asked Relash.
“Nope. The other big guy.”
Silence filled the room as it dawned on them who he was talking about.
“God has a mission for us?” Asked Desire.
“Yes. He has finally found a use for you lot.”
“So what are we doing?”
“You guys are stealing something for him. From the angels.”
“Whoa! Wait, what? He wants us to steal from angles? Does he have our death certificates ready too?”
“What are we stealing any way? This has got to be important.”
A picture materialised in Foster’s hands.
“It’s a box. I don’t even know what’s inside. When you retrieve it, you are never to open it.”
“Before you disappear, can you please tell us what’s going on Foster? God is asking us to steal from angels? Something is not right.”
“That is true. Trouble is brewing up there and this will help us stop it. The angels have something really important and God needs it back. You will need some help with this one.”
“Who is going to help us? God himself is needed for this.”
“I’m sure I can help.” said a voice from the door.
Foster stepped aside and all four got to see who was talking. Desire started cursing under her breath and faced Foster.
“Him? Really Foster?”
“Who did you expect, Gandhi? I gotta run. He has all the details you need to know. Bye.”
Foster disappeared in a puff of smoke.
“So, who are you?”
“I’m Sam.”
“Sam? You’re so human it’s confusing, How are you supposed to help us steal this box from the angel for God?”
“Sadly I am human but I have one single power that will help you on this mission.”
“Which is?” Somnus raised an eyebrow.
“Absolute control over angels. Anything he orders them to do, they will do, no questions asked.” Desire answered from the back.
“Wait, Desire! you know this guy? Why were you cursing like a sailor when you saw him?”
Desire sat down and face them all.
“I know this because he is my ex-boyfriend”
The bus sped on to a location which Sam whispered to the driver. Desire was in her bunk smoking and cursing She was shape-shifting frequently and the only thing that remained the same was her eyes. Somnus walked to her bunk and sat next to her.
“So explain how a human has powers over angels?”
Desire sighed and flicked away her cigarette.
“You know that speech they give religious folk about how God created you in his own image and love yourself and blah blah blah?
“Yeah.” Edging Desire on
“Sam is God on earth. If God was to be a human, Sam would be him. It’s a very complicated thing but think of Sam as an avatar of God. He doesn’t know who he truly is unless it is necessary. He is born and raised like a simple human being.”
“Wait, are you trying to say Sam isn’t meant to know who he actually is? And that there were others?”
“Yes, there were others. One is born as soon as one dies. There has never been a revelation, that’s when they are told who they really are. They live very simple lives, and die like humans. It’s God’s way of walking this earth like a human without all the dead animals and bleeding eyes.”
“So Sam knowing who he is is bad news?”
“Very bad. They are given one power of God each for what ever they are needed for. They never know their powers until the revelation but then again, its been so fucking long since that happened.”
“So how did you end up with him?”
Desire shot Somnus a look and lit another cigarette.
“I was very human. Not full lust demon but very human. We met and hit it off.”
“What happened?”
“Hey guys.”
Relash poked his head around the curtains.
“Sam wants to see us. That includes you two.”
As they stood up from the bed, Somnus held Desire’s arms. The never-ending feel of lust almost knocked him out but he numbed it.
“We need to finish this talk later. And the other one as well.”
She nodded and they both walked out to main area where Sam was waiting with a smile.
“I know we started on the wrong foot but let me introduce myself again. I’m Sam and Desire must have explained the dynamics to you. I am an appendage of God on earth. I am not God nor will ever be. Think of me as his chosen vessel for whenever he wants to stop by here.”
“I have one power and that is the control of angels. I can sense them too and I have found our first one. He will lead us to the box.”
“And which angel is this?”


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